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RICE BRAN OIL IS A VALUE-ADDED PRODUCT DERIVED FROM RICE BRAN (the outermost layer of Rice Kernel). This is healthy dietary oil, contains a variety of Vitamins and natural anti-oxidant. Rice Bran Oil is the best cooking medium as compared to any other oil available in India. The countries like Japan, Thailand , Vietnam are the major producers as well as consumers of this oil.


1. Netural Taste :

RICE BRAN OIL has a mild flavour & is neutral in taste. Thus, making it best cooking medium for any food item. The peculiar feature of Rice Bran Oil is that it does not clash with the taste of the food item cooked.

2. Balanced HDL/LDL Ratio :

Rice Bran Oil has the best balance of saturated fats & monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats as recommend by American Heart Association & WHO. SMC Perfect health oil has an almost balanced HDL/LDL Ratio.

3. Heart Friendly :

SMC Perfect Health oil contains high level of Oryzanol. The presence of Oryzanol which is an antioxidant, helps in lowering cholesterol and resultantly keeps the heart healthy. In countries like Japan, Rice Bran Oil is commonly known as “HEART Oil”.

4. Rich in Vitamin –E :

SMC Perfect Health is a natural source of Vitamin-E complex which helps fight free radicals & combat the effects of aging.

5. Low Absorption :

SMC Prefect Health Oil, by virtue of its natural properties is less viscous which results in less absorption of oil cooking. Consequently there would be as consumption.

6. High Smoke Point :

SMC Prefect Health Rice Bran Oil has a very high smoke (Burn) point making it perfect for deep/pan frying. SMC Prefect Health is a right choice for the replacement of hydrogenated fat used in deep frying. The high smoke point prevents fatty acid break down which affects the health.

7.Longer shelf life :

SMC Prefect Health Rice Bran Oil besides being light & delicious in taste, has an amazing longer shelf life of the food items cooked with it as compared any other cooking oil.